I often think that if I only do one thing in my life, I will choose what to do. In the past 20 years, I have given myself an answer with my actions: I want to build an international kitchen brand that originated in China but can shake the world.
As an “old” home appliance person who has been engaged in the kitchen appliance industry for more than 20 years, I have witnessed the rise and fall of many traditional enterprises. Until the emergence of the Internet era, I feel strongly that the times are calling me.
Since then, I have firmly believed that the ideal kitchen for the future should be an artificial intelligence kitchen.
As the father of two children, I have a happy family like everyone else. I hope that my family will still be elegant and calm when cooking in the kitchen. I am determined to create a smarter kitchen that is more time-saving and worry-free.
Most successful industrialists are successful product managers, and I have always asked myself. I like to talk to many consumers about kitchen life because they are our real users. We are not necessarily the best inventors, but we hope to be qualified dreamers.
In the communication with the vast number of consumers, I found that the method of dividing the target users by the traditional standards of region, age, and income level is no longer applicable to the current era, but should be based on values, cultural level, hobbies, and consumption concepts. The convergence of the is divided.
Therefore, I define VATTI’s target users as “the rich and the rich” – they have knowledge, consumption, taste, love, fashion, and willing to pay for their dreams. So this year we have determined the company’s new strategy: to build VATTI into a high-end fashion smart kitchen brand!
We have deep cooperation with the fashion media “Bazaar” and signed a “White Paper on Strategic Cooperation between Zhishang Life” and Fashion Group, aiming to create a new standard for intellectual life.
There are a thousand kinds of fashion dreams in a thousand people’s hearts. I believe that through a variety of fashion activities and in-depth dialogue with fashion people, we will be able to provide great help to VATTI’s industrial design and new product development.
I think that any exploration on the road to artificial intelligence is just an attempt. Before the historical verification is right or wrong, every person who uses his own insistence to explore is a pioneer of the times and deserves to be respected. Each of us is a devotee of the new era.
VATTI’s smart kitchen appliance product development is gradual: through product iteration, continuously optimize the user experience, and finally find a perfect intelligent solution.
In the age when the brand is king, the details determine success or failure. After all, we are a physical industry brand, and consumers have more and more additional requirements beyond the product. Whether it is the experience of the terminal store or the pre-sale and after-sales experience, it is almost harsh.
The most powerful added value of a brand should come from service. I hope that in the near future, “VATTI Wisdom Kitchen” will become a content service platform, embedding high-quality content services on products, greatly improving the fun of consumers’ cooking, and changing the relationship between kitchen appliances and users from a lifetime. In one lifetime!
Therefore, we launched the independently operated service brand “Vdo”, which aims to strengthen communication with users faster and more effectively, and fulfill our commitment to consumers’ “lifetime”.
With the rapid improvement of China’s overall national strength, globalization is not too late for the VATTI brand. With the deep overseas layout of the subsidiary Baxter Kitchen, and the cooperation of the high-quality global supply chain and the top R&D team, the world dream of VATTI is not far away.

Everyone has their own dreams, Chinese kitchen dreams, I hope to be directed by me…