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Haute Douture Fashion Show “Silk Road and Fengshui” Jointly Staged by Vatti and Hu Sheguang at Natural History Museum, London

The people who like Hu Sheguang would be attracted by his endless creativity and breakthroughs; however, you will not know that his gifted talent and thinking are not that simple as just being in constant changes without approaching the inner world of this “fashion wizard.”

The show venue at this London Fashion Week may not be new to the audiences; it is at Natural History Museum, London, at which a “Silk Road and Fengshui” fashion show had ever been staged, so we can say that today’s “Silk Road and Fengshui” is just a perfect return. Whether the selection of theme or the collision of inspirations for design have all been bettered off.

There is an exhibition of the whole series of 25 sets of high-class customized dresses. According to Hu Sheguang, the name of the show originated from the encounter with Vatti brand.

“Vatti is a great cooperative partner in our undertaking, “Silk Road and Fengshui” demonstrates the Chinese folk culture, and Fengshui not only has the Chinese meaning regarding geomancy, but to a certain degree absorbs the design concept of Vatti in respect of its smart integrated machine for steaming and roasting, and dish-washing machine. It is more worth mentioning that Vatti launched two heavy-weight new products at this London Fashion Show: Vatti dry health dish-washing machine and smart integrated machine for steaming and roasting. As the first news conference of Vatti abroad, it represented the Chinese products’ going global. It is interesting that such two new products originated from Europe and the United States; however, it has been redefined during the constant upgrading of consumption among Chinese consumers. Now it comes back to the fashion world with a brand-new posture.”

Sponsor: Vatti Smart Kitchen Appliance

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