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VATTI Pakistan pre-launching convention was held to welcome major distributors of household appliance in distributing areas of Islamabad, Rawalpindi.

Great Minds Think Alike

Followed by VATTI’s internationalized strategy and abundant overseas business experience basis, VATTI’s brand, product, service and Wisdom & Fashion home life concept are introduced and accepted by people worldwide. In this few years, VATTI group have resorted to search its own unique ways to introduce VATTI brand business in overseas market.

With long history of overseas business power and core value of mutual sharing and win-win, VATTI choose the customer with long relationship as business partner to start a steady business pattern in the market.Thus, the Pakistani well-known and one of the largest gas appliance manufacturer is invited and becoming the best choice. And VATTI is confident that the two greats join and cooperate together will make both parties stronger in the market.

Enjoy Intelligent Life

VATTI, the top 3 kitchen appliance brand in China, emphasizes on its industrial design and R&D power. Equip with the newest technology into products is always a theme of VATTI unique character among competitors in high-end kitchen appliance category.

Home- Wisdom & Fashion, the artificial intelligence control for kitchen appliance is aimed to simplify users’ cooking experience in daily life. At the same time, the smart kitchen will become an enjoyable and fashionable place full of caring and love in modern life.

Keep Away From Greasy Kitchen

During the pre-contact with the distributors and end-users before the convention, we have had a good understanding of what user’s concerns of the kitchen appliance. The greasy cooking experience for common Pakistani is the major complain mentioned. To solve the users’ headache of daily cooking, VATTI will search to improve users’ experience by keeping away from a greasy kitchen.

VATTI, we manage your enjoyable cooking experience. We liberate you from grease and daily trifles.

A Successful Convention

During the convention, the distributors were shared with traditional Chinese moon cakes and Chinese tea, receiving the greeting and sincere cooperation will from China.
The local distributors were deeply astonished by VATTI’s powerful capabilities on different categories, including the manufacturing and R&D competence, products display, latest technologies, high-end product craftsmanship and quality etc.
One of the distributors praised VATTI’s humanized concept for easy clean to relax users from greasy cooking life. At the same time, all the distributors were impressed and expressed their confidence on the future cooperation.

A successful VATTI Pakistan pre-launching convention will lead us to a more successful future. All parties will expect the coming procedures and policies taken place smoothly and successfully.

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